Astrix Graphics Solutions

Astrix Graphics Solutions

For more than 15 years, MDI has been a supplier of high performance graphics systems to the Defense Simulation and Training industry with customers such as Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, Wegmann, CAE, and others. Astrix Graphics solutions are used worldwide in training systems used by several branches of the U.S. military for flight and vehicle training scenarios. Utilizing all of the knowledge gained from designing, delivering, and supporting those systems, MDI has continued to improve upon the Astrix Graphics product family.


Astrix Graphics Solutions are specifically designed for the performance demands of high end graphics systems where the thermal profile of top-end CPUs and GPUs can be intense. When a new Astrix model is developed, it is thoroughly tested for thermal performance under hot and cold operating and storage conditions in our industrial thermal test chamber. The test is conducted under heavy simulated workloads to ensure that the system does not exceed the cooling solution and power budget at maximum CPU and GPU load. Each design is also tested to determine whether its sound levels meet maximum decibel requirements in training environments.


Each Astrix product design is customized to fit the customer’s requirements with the most appropriate configuration for the application. But before any Astrix solution can be delivered, a prototype is used to develop a thorough Acceptance Test Procedure. MDI's MDIM Quality Assurance Program captures an extremely detailed hardware profile which is used to validate every subsequent unit produced to ensure that it matches the exact profile originally tested and approved by the customer and performs under the same heavy work load. The testing process can also be adapted to the requirements of the customer, such as ensuring that a specific software image is loaded and verified, all bootable interfaces are functioning, and network devices perform as required. All data and validation checks are recorded as part of MDI's rigorous Quality Assurance standards.


Astrix Graphics Systems are an ideal platform for a wide variety of graphics applications and support consumer-oriented graphics products such as NVIDIA GeForce, as well as professional graphics products such as NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs. Applications include Simulation and Training, Gaming, 2D/3D CAD, Engineering, Graphic Design, Multimedia Production and even High Performance Computing. The innovative Astrix Portable Workstation is a high-end workstation-class system with 3D acceleration in a mobile platform, and the Astrix X3 Portable Workstation is a unique solution with three displays in a mobile platform for applications that benefit from multiple active screens.


Product Families

  • Astrix Graphics Servers - Fully customizable rackmount graphics servers for use in image generator applications. MDI has designed hundreds of systems for the Simulation and Training industry over 15 years with thousands of systems deployed worldwide.
  • Astrix Graphics Solutions - Made-to-specification, customizable full-rack solutions built, tested, and ready for duty on delivery. Product Integration and Support Software is offered with each solution to provide documentation and interactive guides through a web-based interface.
  • Astrix Portable GPU Server - High-end workstation-class systems in a portable form factor, equipped with 1-3 NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro or Tesla GPUs. These systems are designed to bring the power of graphics-based computing, CAD, and other graphical applications into the field.
  • Astrix Portable X3 - Portable systems featuring three folding monitors designed to bring the most complex software into field applications.